Cutera has been the pioneer in establishing the “all skin type” hair removal practice. With years of experience behind us, safety, versatility, efficacy and speed top the wish list from physicians who are incorporating hair removal into their practice. We have all of it!!! Cutera’s multiple hair removal devices include Alexandrite, Diode and Nd:YAG treatment modes – for all skin types.

Hair removal is still the #1 requested aesthetic procedure. Our philosophy is to make certain that the customer has exactly what they need to make their investment productive – above all, with satisfied patients.

Cutera studied competitive fractional ablative technologies… then improved upon them.Fractional ablative procedures created a new frontier in skin resurfacing in 2007 for the treatment of moderate to severe photodamage. By placing micro-wounds up to 1 mm deep in the skin, with a choice of coverage densities, physicians immediately connected with the benefits of less risk and patient downtime.

Cutera’s answer: Cutera’s technologies address both the dermal and epidermal skin structures to combat wrinkles, dyschromia, skin tone and texture. Our devices deliver fractional and confluent resurfacing with a new wavelength that improves on prior fractional and traditional resurfacing devices

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Laser Genesis膠原蛋白活膚雷射除血管問題
適 應症膠原蛋白活膚雷射的治療適應症很廣,最主要是治療血管性病變,因此如血管瘤、微血管擴張、回春、毛孔粗大、靜脈曲張等病變,染料雷射都是治療的首選。 其他的應用如蟹足腫、妊娠紋、肥胖紋、疣、乾癬等疾病,膠原蛋白活膚雷射也有很好的治療效果。膠原蛋白活膚雷射的最新運用,是用於改善如魚尾紋等皺紋,達 到回春的效果。最近甚至有報告指出膠原蛋白活膚雷射對青春痘與痘疤也有治療效果。
1. 破壞血球與血管:
2. 刺激膠原蛋白的增生: